What kind of products do we supply to the clients?


Hi, dear clients, please check INTENTEC products' featu […]

Hi, dear clients, please check INTENTEC products' features which we are providing for you:


Passenger elevator:

  • High safety: The cars that bring passengers a sense of security, and multiple safety measures of various safety components to completely protect the safety of passengers.
  • Quiet and stable: The traction drive is low-noise, and there is no mechanical sound of gear friction. As long as it is installed and tested, it can run very smoothly.
  • Long service life: Because the counterweight is used to balance the car, the moving pulley structure makes the elevator service life more than double that of other platforms.
  • High efficiency: The compact design of the gearless drive method replaces the reducer and connectingin the traditional traction machine drive method, therefore greatly improving the transmission efficiency and the operating efficiency.
  • High environmental protection: No need to change grease, no grease pollution, low noise, quiet and natural.
  • High energy-saving: 40% energy can be saved based on permanent magnet materialfrom the rare earth, the full integration of coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency conversion technology and group computer combination control technology, small operating cost, low energy dissipation.
  • Stable performance: The failure rate of our products is more than 40% lower than similar products of other brands.And we also provide online technical support for anytime .


Home Elevator:


Our home lifts use PMS motor. All our lifts have micro process control and have variable speed drive with minimum electricity consumption. Our elevators ensure minimum breakdown and operate efficiently with low investment. Home lift doesn’t require a separate Machine-room which helps save space in your house.


Our home elevators are designed matching your imagination. We can provide various types of lifts for homes which are compact, safe, technologically superior and most aesthetically pleasing to your eyes and mind. The interiors are so beautiful that it gives you the best luxury experience.


ARD( Automatic Rescue Device) in our home elevators makes sure that your family members are safe even at the time of a power failure.


Intentec creates long-lasting elevators for home and serves for more than 20 years.


Cargo Elevator:

Intentec has a significant experience in manufacturing, installing and maintaining a wide range of cargo elevators. The design team at Intentec makes durability a priority and ensures each system is built for seamless operation. These systems are built to the highest manufacturing standards to meet the tough requirements of everyday use. Each of our cargo elevator models owns different features and options, making them easier to use. These could be used by Passengers for travelling as well. They can travel safely and comfortably in our cargo elevators.


Hospital Bed Elevator:

The process of transporting and transferring patients, stretchers, wheelchairs as well as beds is highly demanding and sensitive. Intentec design teams are fully aware of different and special requirements that hospitals have regarding lifts, for that our stretcher and bed lifts well- equipped with emergency control features provide comfortable transfer. Our hospital lifts are low on maintenance so that you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on post-installation. We can also modernize our stretcher and bed lifts as per your needs and specifications. Our hospital lifts are absolutely economical and cost-effective.


Car Elevator:

You should need a reliable vendor when you want to buy automobile lifts to serve your invaluable cars or for taking them up and down. Intentec has a great experience in manufacturing and installing some of the finest car lifts for your finest cars. We also customize our products as per considerations and requirements of our customers. From conceptualization to design, engineering to manufacturing and sales to service no one takes better care of your cars than we do. Meanwhile, we manufacture car lifts for commercial places, garages and residential places that can easily fit automobiles of different sizes. Our automotive lifts are strong, solid and have high weight carrying capacity. .



You probably ride escalators all the time, but do you know how they work? Don’t worry and leave the working part for Intentec, and you just ride along. We manufacture escalators that ensure safe and smooth flow of people in any building. They also enhance the ambience and decor of a building through adding to the overall aesthetics of the building. Escalators by Intentec are made using cutting-edge technology and with the best material to make sure that they stand out from the rest. Our escalators are power efficient because of automatic sensors, and also provide safe, reliable and smooth flow of people.


Moving walks

Reliable, Stable, modular

Our extensive experience and expertise are your guarantee of the right moving walk, skillfully adapted to your specific needs and structure.

Easy installation

Modular design

Reliable, smooth operation

More safety and comfort for riding with carts and strollers.


How do you think about our products? Please feel free to contact us at any time.