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Wlakthrough Elevator Accident Emergency

Walkthrough elevator accident emergency

      In order to effectively prevent, timely control and proper handling of sudden elevator accidents and improve the rapid response and emergency response capabilities, recently, Feixi Guanting Market Supervision and Management Area under the jurisdiction of residential property and elevator maintenance unit composed of the exercise group in the residential area Launched the elevator emergency rescue drill activities.

      The beginning of the exercise, the trapped personnel through the elevator alarm the first time the alarm, after receiving the alarm, all units of emergency action, alarm personnel to the property office in a timely manner to report, at the same time to the elevator maintenance staff issued emergency instructions. Professional elevator maintenance personnel arrive at the scene within 5 minutes, rescue for the default situation, enter the engine room operating machinery to lift the fault, open the car door, and rescue the trapped people. Finally, the elevator maintenance staff carried out a series of safety inspections and repairs on the elevator to resume the normal operation of the elevator.

     From the issue of help to escape, the entire process lasted 20 minutes, rehearsal procedures norms, measures properly, in strict accordance with the plan for rescue.



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