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Time-Lapse History Elevator

The main attraction is at the top , but the journey there is spectacular in its own right. One World Trade Center ,the tallest building in North America, will begin shutting visitors to its observation deck next month un elevator interior that offer an immersive, panoramic history of Manhattan from the year 1500 to the present.

The 515-year history lines three walls of the elevator, which have been fitted with nine screens, each measuring 75 inches. In 47 seconds, while traveling 2000  to the top of the building, visitors will have an elevated vantage point over the southern tip of Manhattan, with animation showing its developing from Native American villages to Dutch trading settlements to the American Revolutionary War to the original street grid to the slums of Five skycrapers-including ,in 1973,the Twin Towers ,which vanish from the landscape a few seconds later.

In the final seconds of the video, visitors are enclosed by the tower’s construction ,before arriving on the 102nd floor,1268 feet above the ground, securing their place on the island.

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