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Raw Material Prices Skyrocketing All The Way The Elevator Industry Ushered In Price Boom

Raw material prices skyrocketing all the way the elevator industry ushered in price boom

     According to media reports, due to cost pressures, many mainstream elevator operators have recently issued price increases. Since the second half of last year, as the price of steel hit a new high of 6 years and environmental protection is strictly investigated, raw materials have soared all the way. Many elevator manufacturers have raised the prices of their products. After many years of stable elevator industry experience, the 2018 elevator will usher in price tide.

    The industry believes that due to environmental supervision, supply side reform and the impact of limited production limits, the elevator raw materials, including steel, elevator traction machine, bearings, galvanized sheet and other continuous price increases, while shipping, shipping costs, cartons and labor costs are on the rise . On the demand side, elevator output growth remained strong all the way from 168,000 units in 2006 to 776,600 units in 2016, a CAGR of 16.53%. At present, China's elevator all products, accessories sales rank first in the world. In the long run, with the improvement of social development level, the density of elevator configuration will gradually increase, and the demand of elevator industry will increase in the future. Raw material prices, demand, coupled with a substantial increase in various costs, in 2018 this upward trend will not change in essence, the elevator industry is expected to usher in price tide.


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