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Meticulous Inspection Of Elevators To Protect Public Travel Safety

Meticulous inspection of elevators to protect public travel safety

Recently, the main structure of Urumqi subway base has been completed, the system began to commissioning one after another. In order to ensure the smooth operation and opening up of the Urumqi metro base, Xinjiang Special Inspection Center Elevator Inspection Station 2 conducted a comprehensive inspection and inspection of the elevator base.

The elevator inspection two attaches great importance to the inspection work, developed a detailed inspection program and asked inspectors to carry forward the special inspection hospital "four special" spirit, go all out to protect the subway station in Urumqi, the major livelihood of the smooth progress of the project.

As a convenient municipal project, Urumqi subway base is of great significance. The inspectors in the inspection process do a good job in every detail to ensure that the elevator inspection work in Urumqi subway base is completed on time and with quality and quantity. During the inspection, the inspection staff carefully inspected the safety components, carried out safety tests according to the relevant inspection specifications, and carefully investigated the potential safety hazards. The inspection task time heavy, lift inspection two active coordination, careful planning, leading the testing technology backbone fought in the field, successfully completed the inspection task.


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