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Into The Elevator Intelligent Era

With the rapid development of urbanization, more and more high-rise buildings are rising up. Increasingly intelligent in high-rise buildings in the trend, the intelligent elevator can not be ignored. It is not only a means of transportation above and below, but also an important symbol of the intelligent building of tall buildings. Although the elevator is only a detail in the high-rise building, the quality of the service is determined by whether or not the elevator is realized. The company is located in:

Shenyang Intentec Elevator LLC is committed to the intelligent elevator system research and development, production, sales, installation and maintenance. Has advanced research rooms and a number of production lines, special workshops, long-term for the elevator factory and direct users supporting the supply and modification, the user has been unanimously approved.

In short, the "people-oriented" design of the elevator control system, will make the elevator service quality getting better and better. We will work harder than others to more professional standards, more quickly elevate the level of intelligent elevator technology and products to provide you with more professional, faster and more attentive service. We are eagerly looking forward to your satisfaction and recognition! Look forward to the intelligent era of arrival!

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