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Group Control Elevator Control Function

1.Maximum and minimum function When the system designates an elevator call, it will minimize the waiting time and predict the maximum possible waiting time to balance the waiting time and prevent the long waiting time.

2.Priority scheduling. In the waiting time does not exceed the prescribed time, the floor of the hall call, by the elevator has accepted the instructions of the call.

3. Regional priority control. When a series of summons occurs, the zone priority control system first checks for a "long wait" call and checks if there are elevators near these summons. If there is, it will be called by the nearby elevator, otherwise it will be controlled by the "maximum and minimum" principle.

4. Special floor control. Including: ① the restaurant, performance hall, etc. into the system; ② according to the car load and call frequency to determine whether crowded; ③ crowded, the deployment of two full-time elevator service for these floors; ④ crowded not cancel these floors ; ⑤ crowded automatically extend the opening hours; ⑥ congestion recovery, transferred by the "maximum and minimum" principle of control.

Full report. Statistics summon conditions and load conditions, to predict full load, to avoid the elevator has been assigned to a floor in the midway and send one. This function only works with the same direction signal.

6. The elevator has started priority. Had a call to a floor, according to the shortest call time principle should be responsible for the elevator waiting to be parked. However, at this time, the system first determines whether the waiting time for waiting passengers is not long if the elevator in the parked waiting list is not activated and the elevator is called by other elevators. If it is not too long, it will be summoned by other elevators without starting the standby elevator.

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