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Escalator Classification

Escalator classification

First, by the drive position classification

1, the end-driven escalator (or chain), the drive placed in the escalator head, and the chain of traction components for the escalator.

2, the middle drive escalator (or rack), the drive placed in the middle of the escalator on the branch and the lower branch, and the rack as the traction member of the escalator. An escalator can be equipped with multiple drive units, also known as multi-stage drive escalator.

Second, according to the type of traction components classification

1, chain escalator (or end-driven), the chain as the traction member, the escalator drive placed in the escalator head.

2, rack escalator (or intermediate drive), the rack as a traction member, the drive placed in the middle of the escalator between the upper branch and the lower branch of the escalator.


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