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Elevator Safety Innovation Model Strong Supervision

Elevator safety innovation model strong supervision

"Establishing a network of regional management, drawing a picture of elevator regulation, filling in a card of elevator files and pushing elevator into insurance". Recently, Jinyuan District of Taiyuan City took the lead in opening a new mode of elevator safety supervision in provincial capital city. With the rise of high-rise buildings becoming the mainstream of residential buildings, the number of elevators has risen sharply. However, due to insufficient capital investment and lack of safety awareness, some elevators can not keep up with the management and maintenance of elevators. In particular, it is not uncommon for elderly elevators to run with "ill" conditions, which poses many potential safety problems.

How to build a safety responsibility in place, improve the regulatory mechanism, emergency rescue timely security system elevator? Obvious need for regulatory work from the problem-style, extensive management to preventive, refined management to change. In addition to strict access control to prevent inferior elevator put into use, but also real-time tracking elevator maintenance quality. With the mode of supervision and service, with the help of advanced and effective management methods and technical means, the supervision level will be upgraded and an effective elevator safety management and monitoring network will be built.


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