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Elevator Insurance, Wonderful Still Behind

Elevator insurance, wonderful still behind

In elevator safety management, Ningbo's "insurance + service" model is highly regarded by many parts of the country. Its basic approach is: In the daily maintenance of the elevator, the maintenance unit through the insurance agency independent research and development of "Elevator Guardian" mobile App system and background operation monitoring system, in accordance with the relevant national standards to complete the maintenance work, the use of information management system Provide maintenance and quality supervision and management services. As the manager, the monitoring party and the guarantor of elevator safety risk, the insurance company proactively controls the risk prevention and urges the maintenance organization to implement the unified and strict standards to monitor operational risks and deal with them in time.

The greatest benefit of doing so is that the risk management mechanism can effectively balance the relationship between the owners, the property units and the maintenance units. This not only meets the requirements of the market, but also relieves the government from such matters as the management of a large number of maintenance processes and the handling of conflicts and disputes afterwards Come out and enhance the government's regulatory efficiency.

It is reported that in 2018, Suzhou will pilot launch elevator maintenance service monitoring software to monitor and check the whole process of maintenance units. Looking forward to Suzhou in the elevator safety management, the same thing, but also to break a new road.


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