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Elevator Industry Gradually Become China's Manufacturing Pillar

Elevator industry gradually become China's manufacturing pillar

        After many years' development, China's elevator industry has become an indispensable important construction equipment for the development of modern society. It has played an irreplaceable supporting role in improving people's living quality, improving the quality of life and realizing the national policy of building energy saving and land saving. At the same time, because of its function and the masses of the masses, the elevator is closely related to the safety and quality of life, and has been listed as special equipment by the state for many years. In recent years, under the strong drive of real estate, rail transit construction and airport reconstruction and expansion, the elevator industry in our country has developed rapidly and has gradually become a bright pearl in the equipment manufacturing industry in our country.

       As domestic enterprises stepped up research and development of high-end elevator products and breakthroughs in key technologies, the import volume of elevators gradually decreased. Meanwhile, the technology and quality of domestic elevator products have gradually increased. With relatively low production costs, the competitiveness of Chinese elevators in the international market has gradually become more prominent. Elevator brands in China are gradually recognized in overseas markets and a large number of products are exported.

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