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Dalian's 10,000 Elevators Are Included In The Manufacturer's Maintenance System

         As one of the key projects of the government of dalian city in 2017, 10,000 residents of the elevator maintenance system will be completed by the end of this year.In recent years, elevator safety accidents have occurred, many of these accidents are caused by the maintenance of the elevator.At present, dalian is using lift 47799.In this regard, the quality supervision bureau of dalian city has taken the lead in implementing the maintenance system of elevator maintenance in the whole country through the development of the safety management measures for the elevator of dalian city.In accordance with the elevator maintenance unit evaluation method of liaoning province (trial) ", dalian municipal bureau of quality and technical supervision combining quality and technical supervision and credit evaluation, through the way of government purchase services, by the credit association to the elevator maintenance unit in dalian for maintenance quality of credit rating.Up to now, there are the inspection elevator maintenance unit 112, the evaluation results are divided into A, B, C, D four grades, 15, 83 respectively, 8, 6, the result has been in dalian city credit association and the news media release.The quality and technical supervision bureau of dalian city has been the focus of law enforcement examination for the evaluation results of units C and D.In addition, this year dalian special inspection institute strictly according to the national security technical standard training appraisal elevator maintenance personnel, up to 1200.So far, 7104 residents elevator maintenance system in manufacturing unit, 76% of the dalian elevator's 15 big brand elevator manufacturing unit announced authorization conditions and procedures, and obtained authorization for 21.

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