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Another The Best In The World! Hubei Built 688 Meters Walked The Elevator Shaped Like A Dragon 200 Meters High

Another "the best in the world"! Hubei built 688 meters walked the elevator shaped like a dragon 200 meters high

        Enshi Grand Canyon, impartially placed in the mysterious "30 degrees north latitude" is one of the world's longest and most beautiful Grand Canyon, December 2015, Enshi Grand Canyon was selected one of the 30 best tourist attractions in the Three Gorges .

       There are tens of thousands of cliffs in the depression, but also surrounded by cliffs abruptly above the peak, more than 20 km long rift seam, is a typical unique karst geomorphology.

       The world's longest escalator tourist escalator entrance in front of a "Σ" -shaped layout, a total length of 688 meters, 1428 meters above sea level, transport capacity of 7300 people / hour, the annual transport is expected to 600,000 passengers. The elevator is built in the mountains, hovered in the valley, sitting on top, panoramic view along the way.


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