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Amazing!!!!One Shaft With Seven Elevator, The First Magic Cube Elevator Was Unveiled In Fuzhou,China

The super cube elevator, for the first time, reverses the world's vertical traffic theory for more than 100 years.

The test tower, which is 10 meters long, 8 meters wide and 60 meters high, has only one elevator shaft.The elevator shaft is different from the traditional elevator shaft, which has a diameter of 4 m* 4.3m, with four doors opening and seven passenger lifts carrying 1350kg.When the reporter experiences it, the system will intelligently indicate which elevator you are going to take.In the interior of each elevator, there are three internal doors to connect other elevators so as to achieve optimal allocation during peak operation.

Lift shaft is 5 times more efficient.

"The biggest bright spot of the" magic cube elevator "is that it can realize the seamless docking in the cage, which can greatly reduce the waiting time of passengers.Especially during rush hour, it can be very convenient for passengers.The elevator's responsible person said that it can solve a series of problems, such as large floor area and high energy consumption, which can be used in super tall buildings.

It is reported, this super magic cube in the elevator by fuzhou university set up team is responsible for the product's effectiveness, feasibility analysis and traffic digital model set up, will cooperate and fujian province special equipment inspection institute, to super elevator safety, compliance and equivalent security innovation subject study.

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