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What to pay attention to using freight elevators?

What to pay attention to using freight elevators?

The door must be opened and closed lightly off. (To prevent the door rope out of the slot or smash the door safety switch)

When loading and unloading goods, please place in the middle of the car, (away from the car side ≥ 5㎝) to prevent the car from jamming.

After taking out the goods, the floor hall door should be closed and closed until the door panel lights on or off, so as to ensure the normal use of other landing stations.

Do not touch the emergency stop switch when there is a non-catastrophic ladder or fault. When the emergency stop switch is touched, the emergency stop light or occupied light on the call panel will be on. At this moment, the emergency stop switch should be reset until the call Emergency stop lights on the panel or occupy the light until the elevator can be used normally.

Elevator only shut all the hall door, the door panel lights on or off the lights can be used normally, when any hall doors are not closed, the elevator can not be normal operation.

Elevator stops at this level, the hall door mechanical lock will be automatically locked. Do not allow the door to open in any way except for maintenance.

Do not short the hall safety switch, open the hall door to lift operation. If it is found that the lift can open the hall can be run immediately stop using the total power to shut down the elevator and all hall timely repair.

Elevator is strictly prohibited overloading operation, the weight of the goods should be ≤ load on the ladder panel load.

Elevator failure should promptly notify the maintenance staff to carry out maintenance, do not let sick elevator operation, non-supervision or non-maintenance personnel in the case of elevator maintenance is strictly prohibited.


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