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The choice of speed

The ladder speed of the elevator is basically divided into 1.0 m / s, 1.5 m / s (1.6 m / s), 1.75 m / s (1.8 m / s), 2.0 m / s, 2.5 m / s, 3 m / s

And so on, the higher the speed, the more complex manufacturing process, the more expensive the elevator. Under normal circumstances, according to the provisions of the fire, within 1 minute, the elevator to complete from the building to the top of the floor to run, so, according to the height of the building you need to calculate the ladder speed. That is: if the building height 100m, then

100m / 60s = 1.667, in this case, the choice of 1.75 m / s or 1.8 m / s ladder can be.

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