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Simple to use method (there is a solution to the emergency):

Manned elevators are computer-controlled intelligent, automated equipment, do not need specialized personnel to operate the driving, ordinary passengers as long as the following procedures can take and operate the elevator.

1, in the elevator floor elevator entrance, according to their own uplink or downlink needs, press the up or down arrow button, as long as the button on the light, it means that your call has been recorded, as long as waiting for the arrival of the elevator.

2, the elevator reaches the door, let the car out of the elevator, and then call the elevator and then enter the elevator car. After entering the car, press the corresponding number button on the control panel of the car according to the floor you want to reach. Similarly, as long as the button lights, then your selection layer has been recorded; at this time do not have any other operation, as long as the elevator to reach your destination layer can be docked.

3, the elevator driving to your target layer will automatically open the door, then out of the elevator in order to end a pass process.

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