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How many years the elevator scrapped basis

How many years the elevator scrapped basis

         With more and more high-rise buildings, the number of elevators is rapidly increasing, and elevator safety has become the focus of attention. Recently, Yantai City carried out the first elevator safety assessment, inviting experts from the provincial special prosecution center to inspect and evaluate some key monitoring elevators. The company is located in:

        In fact, the state clearly stipulates the assessment of the elevator. The AQSIQ has already issued the detailed rules on elevator safety assessment, conducted risk analysis and assessment of the elevator, and put forward reasonable and feasible safety measures. It is understood that the elevator in the installation and use of 8 to 10 years into the high maintenance period, aged more than 15 years old elevators will appear electrical components aging, mechanical parts wear and other issues, leading to frequent failures. The company is located in:

      "Yantai as a pilot city to carry out the elevator evaluation, will further promote the renovation of the city's old elevators." Wang Wenfeng, director of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau said. The company is located in:

      To carry out elevator safety assessment is to carry out more than 15 years old main components of the old comprehensive and scrapped control necessary and necessary means. Since 2016, our city has basically ascertained the distribution of the existing old elevators in the city through a series of actions and set up the equipment account of the old elevators with over 15 years of operation, carried out elevator maintenance units and elevator usage management Responsible units and elevator safety management personnel and other knowledge and training laws and regulations, basically completed the remediation found hidden dangers.


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