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Elevator needs to focus on the technical performance - reliability, advanced and comfort

The so-called reliability refers to the ability of the elevator system to maintain the specified function within a prescribed time. Our reliability requirements for elevators mean that the failure to run as little as possible, and once the failure to be easily ruled out,

This requires us to choose the manufacturers to be high credibility, the elevator configuration is better, and the best local maintenance team.

The advanced nature of the elevator is mainly reflected in the drag and control technology, FM regulator speed control technology VVVF is now the main manufacturers of energy-saving, efficient drag technology. Microcomputer control system to achieve intelligent control of the elevator, the use of low failure rate, high reliability, strong anti-jamming comfort mainly refers to the elevator acceleration, vibration, noise, decoration, lighting and other indicators on the human senses. Noise is mainly caused by traction machine, to choose a small noise traction machine. Excellent control system can reduce vibration, increase comfort.

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