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Elevator maintenance safety operation procedures

Elevator maintenance safety operation procedures

First, the power-off program, maintenance of the elevator need to be used in the case of possible electric shock

1, in the absence of personnel to take over the emergency stop control elevator

2, all the power off the elevator, and verify with a multimeter charged.

3, overhaul walk down the lift to see whether to move to further verify the power outage.

4, control the power switch (to prevent others from accidentally plugging in the power supply) after the power-off maintenance operations.

Second, the car top procedures, the need to use the case of the ceiling

1, the elevator call to the next floor in the top position can be opened on the hall door to see if the elevator is moving (verify the effectiveness of hall doors)

2, action emergency stop switch close the hall door. (Verify the effectiveness of the emergency stop switch)

3, action recovery switch to resume emergency stop. (Verify the validity of the service switch)

4, in the hall door, emergency stop, overhaul switch is valid only on the ceiling work.

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