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Elevator industry status quo

Industry data show that the first half of 2014, China's ladder production growth rate of more than 10%, the second half of the volume compared with the order of the decline in orders, but the annual production and sales growth rate remained at around 10%, compared to the previous year The growth rate has slowed. But the whole ladder total output exceeded 70 million units is a foregone conclusion, the national elevator will reach 3.5 million units.

China has become the world's largest elevator production and consumer market, the world's major elevator brand enterprises in China to establish a wholly-owned or joint venture, is the field of the elevator factory and manufacturing center. 70% of the world's elevator manufacturing in China, 60% to 65% of the elevator sales in the Chinese market.

Analysis of the industry, China's elevator industry industry concentration continues to improve, the development trend for the better. Industrial development pattern of significant changes, showing stronger stronger, weak weaker, the industry has entered the shuffling period. Some brands began to gradually put into operation in the central and western regions, so that the industrial layout more reasonable.

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