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Elevator control box function

1. Driver operation. By the driver to start the elevator operation, by the command button inside the car, outside the hall can only summon ladder, automatic leveling.


2. Election control. Centralized control is a highly automatic control function for comprehensively analyzing and processing various signals such as commands inside the car and summoning outside the hall. It can call the car instructions, outside the hall registration, stop delay automatically shut the door to start running, the same one by one response, automatic leveling automatically open the door, the forward ladder, automatically reverse the reverse response, can automatically call service.

3. Downside election. Only in the downlink with the election function, so the hall only downlink call button, the uplink can not cut the ladder.

4. Independent operation. Only by car instruction to a specific floor, specially designed for passengers on the floor, do not answer other landing and hall call.

5. Special floor priority control. Special floor call, the elevator in the shortest time to answer. Answer to go, ignore the car commands and other calls. This feature is automatically canceled upon arrival at this special floor.

6. stop operation. At night, on weekends or on holidays, stop at the designated floor by using the lift switch. Stop ladder, car door closed, lighting, fan power, to facilitate energy saving, safety.

7. Code security system. This feature is used to limit the passenger access to certain floors, only when the user enters a predetermined code through the keyboard, the elevator can drive to the restricted floor.

Full load control. When the car is full load, do not respond to hall calls.

9. Prevent mischief function. This feature prevents prank press too much command button inside the car. The function is to automatically compare the car load (number of passengers) with the number of cars in the car. If the number of passengers is too small and the number of commands is too large, the wrong redundant car commands will be automatically canceled.

10. Clear invalid command. Clear all car instructions inconsistent with the elevator running direction.

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