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China elevator industry development key words - Technology. product

China elevator industry development key words - Technology. product


VVVF: AC voltage regulating speed control technology referred to. Domestic introduction by Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. in the late 1980s, the rapid promotion in the industry, is now China's elevator industry's most mainstream drive control technology.

Residential elevator: In 1997, along with the promulgation of the national new housing reform policy, the development boom of residential elevators in our country appeared.

Machine Roomless Elevator: Compared with the traditional elevator with a machine room, it can significantly reduce the construction cost and give play to the space imagined by architects. Machine-roomless elevator market really entered the market began in 1996 KONE elevator company issued MonoSpaceĀ®, since 1998, China's elevator business has been sought after.

Hydraulic elevator: This kind of elevator occupies a very high proportion of the elevators in developed countries abroad, perhaps due to a series of reasons such as more low-rise buildings there, less busy traffic in the building and more elevators for early installation. At present, hydraulic elevators have been challenged by machine-roomless elevators. Generally, hydraulic elevators are only considered in the fields of large-tonnage cargo elevators, old elevators and villa elevators.

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