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The High Quality Elevator With EN81

The High Quality Elevator With EN81

Delicate design of man-machine interface and optimized spatial layout,decoration and color scheme simplifies the elevator operation interface, thus creating a warm and pleasant riding space for passengers

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. Giving more care to safety and reliability


. Giving more care to safety and reliability


1. INTENTEC Elevator selects all its components in accordance with the

highest requirements in the national standard

2.The built-in intelligent fault automatic inspection system can timely inspect various common faults in motor, control loop, safety loop and communication system, to ensure timely troubleshooting and early warning, which will make maintenance easier and free passengers from worries.

3. Central monitoring is feasible. Through central monitoring, the running conditions of each elevator can be learned, so that the elevator is timely managed by property management personnel and maintained by professionals.

highest requirements in the national standard.






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