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The Golden Supplier Of Passenger Elevator Lift

The Golden Supplier Of Passenger Elevator Lift

The INT-PI series elevators feature Shenyang INTENTEC Elevator’s top elevator technology and the most advanced permanent magnet synchronous gear-free hoisting machine, which reduce the machine room floor area by 50%, thus improving land utilization rate and lowering construction cost to the utmost extent, especially in such an age when land is as precious as gold.

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The INT-PI series elevators feature Shenyang INTENTEC Elevators top elevator technology  and  the  most  advanced  permanent  magnet  synchronous gear-free hoisting machine, which reduce the machine room floor area by 50%, thus improving land utilization rate and lowering construction cost to the utmost extent, especially in such an age when land is as precious as gold.

   Simple structure and comfortable design


1.The car design highlights the concept of home to bring you with a warm, harmonious and natural atmosphere, making you feel like at home, relax and comfort. The HCEE series elevators extend your home life in both time and space dimensions.

2.Comfortable and smooth riding experience is emphasized. Besides those who are busy for work, there live elderly and children in each residential quarter, therefore, the commissioning of elevators should center on the smoothness of curves so as to deliver a comfortable riding experience to passengers.

3.The permanent magnet synchronous gear-free hoisting machine effectively reduces the noise generated by the elevator in operation, thus satisfying passengers demand for a tranquil space to the utmost extent. (More datlegends can be added upon demand)

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